Rules and Safety

This event uses public roads that are open to general traffic throughout the ride and therefore all entrants must abide by the road rules and obey police directions.


All normal Queensland Road Rules apply, unless otherwise directed by a Queensland Police Officer. Please familiarise yourself with these laws here.

How is our ride conducted?

Cyclists are arranged into speed groups of about 25 riders, according to their preference, as nominated on their registration form.  Each group has support vehicles front and back and is led by an experienced rider, the group leader, all of whom are in radio contact throughout the ride.  It is imperative that you follow the group leader’s instruction at all times.

Each day we ride about 130km (fast groups may ride a little longer route) broken into stages of about 25km with regular rest stops. If a cyclist is not comfortable at the speed they’ve nominated, they may change to a more suitable speed group at a convenient location. This decision will be at both group leaders’ discretion.

A compulsory rider briefing is held on the Friday evening prior to the ride where you will receive your rider pack, including your ride jersey and hear important advice about the ride.

Our starting venue is Riverview Tavern, 247-251 Riverside Blvd., Riverside Gardens, Townsville. We ask that you arrive at the venue on Saturday morning by 6am to give you time to find your ride group and listen to final event instructions. Departure times are staggered, with the first group leaving at 7:00am, so that all cyclists meet for lunch on Saturday and have an opportunity to meet one another over lunch between 11:30am and 1:00pm. It has become a tradition to have a ‘team photo’ taken at this time. Groups then ride on to Ayr arriving at the Ayr Showgrounds by mid to late-afternoon.

On Sunday morning group departure times are staggered again, with the first group leaving at 7:30am. With drink/food stops every 20kms or so again, and a lunch stop in Woodstock between 12:30pm and 1:30pm, all groups return to Riverview Tavern around 4pm, where there will be drinks and a get-together at the end of the ride.

If you are injured

First Aiders will be on site to assist you if anything should happen throughout the event. In the case of an emergency, an ambulance will be called.


The ride course is held on public roads, including a short distance on a major highway. It is therefore important that participants exercise caution at all times and ride in a protective manner, constantly scanning the environment to be aware of what is happening around them.