Jersey Design Update

This year the designer (read the Chairman, Henry Fracchia) of the ride jersey has used two inspirational elements in the design.  The first being the “La Vie Claire” ride jersey.  Firstly, the La Vie Claire ride team is one of the most powerful in Europe, who doesn’t want to look powerful.  More importantly, “La Vie Claire” actually is French for “ a clear life” ,  a clarity to way we proceed in life.  We thought that statement might be a great theme for the ride.

La Vi Claire

La Vi Claire

Then we thought about some of the great things in life, that being, art and music, and immediately Eric Clapton came to mind.  Eric is a great musician and a man who has seen and struggled with the some of the darker elements to a life.  So, the inclusion of an element of Eric was important.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

The guitar that Eric is playing in the photograph is called the Crash 3 guitar.  In 1997 Eric met well known street artist John “Crash” Matos, who went on to create 3 graffiti inspired guitar bodies. One is still owed by Eric, one was given to a Charity, and Crash 3 was sold by Sotheby’s for $300,000 dollars.


Eric’s Guitar

This year Blackchrome (our jersey supplier) and major sponsor to the ride, has been tasked with the creation of the Banish the Black Dog Ride Jersey.


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