Newslitter #1 May 2017


Good day to you pups. We’ve just released our May 2017 Newsletter and it contains important information about what to expect from the Briefing Night on the 26th May at the Riverview Tavern (from 5:45pm), and a basic run through of the weekend. Please take the time to read it in full.

What Happens on Friday’s Briefing Night?

  • Briefing night in the Function Room at the Riverview Tavern is compulsory for all riders.
  • Between 5.45pm and 6.30pm you can:
    • Deposit your fund raising with the Accounts Team, and they will audit and receipt your deposits;
    • Pick up your Ride Kit, containing your ride shirt, drink bottles, luggage tags, name tags and other goodies;
    • Put your overnight gear into the luggage truck (the ride web site lists thing to take. Remember that this year you have the option of sleeping in your own tent OR setting up your swag, mattress or camp stretcher in the new cyclone shelter);
    • Meet your team leader and other members of your team;
    • Have dinner – the Tavern is one of our Sponsors and has $15 meals with 5 choices exclusively for our riders and supporters.
    • Buy tickets in our raffle – two draws of a drill set donated by Steve Glasby.
  • The Ride Briefing will commence from 6.30pm and will take around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Dinner will still be available after the Briefing.

What Happens on Saturday Morning?

  • You should be at the Riverview Tavern one hour before your ride group departure time of:
    • Healers: 7:00 am
    • Dog Squad: 7:30 am
    • Labradors: 7:36 am
    • Strays: 8:24 am
    • Pig Dogs: 8:30 am
    • Whippets: 8:48 am
  • Enjoy a complimentary sausage sizzle and juice breakfast provided by the Riverview Tavern.
  • Your day bag with sunscreen, bike pump, spare tubes, wallet, etc. can be placed in your front support vehicle.

On the Ride

  • You will be supported by front and rear vehicles:
    • The front vehicle will carry your day pack and nibbles for your rest stops: fruit, lollies, chocolate bars and Enduro powder for your drink bottles.
    • The rear vehicle will take you and your bike to the next rest stop for repair if you have a flat tyre or other mechanical breakdown. The group will not stop if you breakdown .
  • You will have a Group Leader who will make all decisions for the group and will be in radio contact with the support vehicles.
  • You must follow the instructions of the Group Leader.
  • You must NEVER pass the front vehicle. If it has slowed down, the driver will have done so on the instruction of the Group Leader.

At Camp in Ayr

  • Camp time is party time …………. our band The Block of Flats will kick off at around 5.30 pm.
  • Camp fires will be lit at dusk …………. bring your own marshmallows!
  • You are not allowed to bring glass into camp …………. but why bother? Our Kombi bar will have the cheapest prices in the Southern Hemisphere with a great range of beers (keg, cans off the ice and premium beer), wines and spirits. There is range of prices for drinks,you can have a can of beer off the ice for as little as $2.50.Premium products will cost a little more check prices at the bar.
  • Nibbles will be served at 4.30 pm, followed by dinner at 6.30 pm.
  • The raffle will be drawn by Steve Glasby at dinner.
  • Talk to the Kitchen Crew if you have ordered a special needs meal.
  • Don’t forget to wash out your ride shirt for the ride home.

On Sunday

  • Breakfast from 6.00am to7.00am.
  • Group photo at 7am before riding out.
  • Groups depart at:
    • Healers: 7.30 am
    • Dog Squad:8.30 am
    • Labradors:8.36 am
    • Strays:9.39 am
    • Pig Dogs:9.45 am
    • Whippets:Any time after 7.30 am


Please remember that all of your Support Crew are volunteers who have donated their time to make your ride memorable and fun.
They do this because they are dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues in our community, and raising funds for research into depression and assisting the operations of our local mental health agencies such as Mental Illness Fellowship NQ, Headspace, Lifeline and Men’s Shed.
Even our Band have volunteered their services.

Thank you for supporting our volunteers.


You will come across our Ride Photographer, Michael Fellows, at various times along the ride, so please give him a big wave. He will also be using his drone this year so, if you hear a whirring noise above, don’t be alarmed and keep your eyes on the wheel in front!
Michael will be taking the Ride Group photo in camp at 7am on Sunday morning. Please be punctual for that so that we can get our riders away on time.

Old Jerseys and Nix (these are new) for Sale!

We have quite a few leftover Jerseys from previous rides leftover which we are selling at a discount, and we still have some of the ever popular (and super comfortable) Bib Nix for sale!
Prices as below:
2014 Jersey (Red) – $5 each
2015 Jersey (Orange) – $5 each
2016 Jersey (Blue) – $30 each
Bib Nix – $85 each

How can I order?

  1. You can find a list of the sizes by clicking this link (in excel format).
  2. Please email Marty ( to confirm your order (first in best dressed)
  3. Orders are to be collected at the Rider Briefing Night on Friday 26th May @ Riverview Tavern (5:45pm start)

*Some of the Bib Nix were ordered last year for riders. Unfortunately our Warehouse Dog Marty had a server crash and lost the information about who these belonged to. If you ordered Bib Nix last year and did not receive them please contact Marty via email (click here) with your size ASAP so he can reserve yours!

Any Questions?

Ask one of our volunteers in the sky blue Ride Crew shirts.

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