Newslitter #2 May 2017


Good day to you pups. We’ve just released our second Newslitter which has some good do’s and don’ts for the weekend ahead along with some other general information. Please take the time to read it in full.

Things to do this week

  • Keep training and be positive
  • Make contact with your team mates and enjoy the fellowship
  • Finalise your sponsors donation
  • Have your bike checked (Top brand cycles is offering this for free)
  • Make arrangements to be at the rider briefing on Friday night at the Riverside Tavern, Douglas
  • Make a decision about where you are sleeping Saturday (there are plenty of options)
  • Get yourself a little bit money for Saturday night drinks and raffles
  • Ready your mind for the beautiful music by the band around the fire pits

Ride Groups Updated!

We have fielded several requests for changes to the Ride Groups this week, and they have been updated.

Please head over to the website to check your group has not changed.

You can find the Rider Groups page here.

Bike Mechanics

Top Brand Cycles will be supplying the bike mechanics for the ride. This year due to personal circumstances, the bike mechanic working on Saturday is unable to stay overnight in Ayr. So any rider requiring service needs to have it attended to as soon as possible after arriving in Ayr. There is a new mechanic attending the Sunday, but it is hoped that riders will have any repairs undertaken on the Saturday, so as not to hold up departure from Ayr.

A Couple of No Nos

  • Do not bring glass on the ride or the Ayr showgrounds
  • Do not have Tribars on your bike
  • Do not bring a poor attitude to the ride, everyone is there to support the ride.
  • Do not get frustrated, the volunteers have been briefed and can help with almost any situation.

Food and Drinks

If you have a special dietary requirement and you have not been contacted by our team yet, then make contact with us urgently.

Reminder that there will be a range of drinks available at the Bar, including premium beer.

The food menu for the ride is well stocked with variety. There is plenty of snacks available through the ride in the support vehicles, and you can get to these at the regular stops. Saturday lunch is provided by the Giru International Pub.
The main meal Saturday night is lasagna, with sides of chicken and salad, and yes there is a desert, apple crumble.
The big breakfast on Sunday is variety of cooked elements, like Bacon and eggs, along with, cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt and fruit juice.

Sunday Lunch is at Woodstock, and is designed to give you that final lift home.

Sunday afternoon

Don’t forget, the get together continues at the Riverside tavern after the ride on Sunday afternoon, maybe invited your support crew (read: family) to meet everyone. More importantly start talking about the 2018 ride.

Showgrounds Map

Check out the map of the showgrounds on our website here to find out where you want to be camped. Note the “quiet” spots and the “party spots” – choose wisely!

Jersey Design Released

Due to high demand from some of riders who expressed a need to accessorise their socks (hey who are we to judge? Fashion is important!), we have released the Jersey Design! We’ll be the best looking team on the road.

Any Questions?

Ask one of our volunteers in the sky blue Ride Crew shirts.

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