Ride Groups

Groups for the 2018 Ride have been finalised. Group captains are at the top of the group and italicised.


Eddie Symonds
Trent Anderson
Sapna Dilgir
Patrick Mc Gurrin
Bruce Pederson
Rob Mcdougall
Roger Dunstan
Darlene Wallace

DINGOES (25kph)

Rob Dorgelo
Peter Webb
Dale Philipson
Carey Leahy
Ron Leahy
Kevin Talbot
Ray Francis
Ken Theodore
Sue Price
Mark Tomlinson
Bernadette Radford
Ray Mullen
Peter Fon
Des Pooley
Craig Mason
Annette Beck
Richard Hay
Ray Belbin
Evan Shannon
Sarah Lane


Wayne Giese
Katrina Mann
Steve Glasby
Josie Gabrielli
Kate Sheppard
Jacqui Dale
Kathryn Konidis
Jill Meads
Mark Swadling
Peter Tonner
Donal Allison
Jeanie Tucci
Shane Bloomfield
Jennifer Penfold
Alison Thomas
Paul Wood
Mick Roache
Trischa Benson
Laine Arlett
Kath Newman
Maria Larkin
Darron Crocker
Peppe Tucci
Meagan Waldon
Alison Maclean
Rod Johnstone

PIG DOGS (30kph)

Martin Wilkinson
Scott Simpson
Gary Orchard
David Boyce
Tony Sullivan
Wendy Williams
Anneke Dorgelo
Bradley Jones
Mark Matthews
Snowy Evans
Rod Knight
Steve Tiley
Brigitta Robinson
Kevin Paine
Rosanne Coumbis
Peter Coumbis
Adrian Kirby
Steven Peri
David Pollock
Peter Murphy
Tristan Peace

THE STRAYS (30kph) 

David Sprigings
Louise Boyle
Andrew Wootton
Alison Lorenz
Tony Lorenz
Mark Fleming
Kerry Bobin
Nicky Bobin
Alana Wharton
Michellina Davies
Martin Cordery
Andrea White
Amanda Gibbs
Colin Christie
Marie Laffan
Debbie Baker-Peri
Sarah Chisholm
Stephen Miller
Neil Francis
Dennis Ford
Lizzie Wood


Andrew Chalmers
David Souter
Michael Hibble
Michael Prentice
David Mead
Janet Dohnalek
Tim Mokrzecki
Robert Rogers
Glenn O’malley
Tayla Hickey
Kosh Hazratwala
Logan Ballantyne
Andrew Gough
Jayson Cooke
Kevin Smith
Lenny Nolan
Sara Whittle
Mary Jameson
Brian O’connor
Dee Coope

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Fast Facts

Ride Date:
Saturday May 25th & Sunday 26th 2019
Registration Fee:
Fundraising Target (minimum):
Distance and Trip Duration:
260kms over 2 days
Physical Capability:
A level of fitness to be able to cycle up to 8 hours at a minimum speed of 20kph for 2 days
All accommodation including camping and swags require prior bookings. Hotel Accommodation at Railway and International Hotels and Top Camp. Camping available at Railway Hotel and Top Camp. Limited covered area for swags.
What is Provided?
Meals, snacks and drinks
Ride jersey
Bike Mechanic
Support Vehicles
Camping Fees
Live music in camp
Cash bar with the cheapest prices in the Burdekin
A fun weekend
Event Briefing (compulsory):
Friday 24th May, 2019 at 6:30pm The Riverview Tavern.
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