FAQs and Jersey Sizing


How do I register?

Registration is managed through the Register Now website. Click on the Register Link in the menu above and follow the instructions to complete your registration. If you have any difficulties, please contact our ride coordinator.

When do entries close?

7 weeks prior to the ride.

Can I still register on the day?

No. Registration must close 7 weeks prior to the ride so that ride organisation can be finalised

What does the registration fee include?

Meals, snacks and drinks
Ride jersey
Bike Mechanic
Support Vehicles
Camping Fees
Live music in camp
Cash bar with the cheapest prices in the Burdekin
A fun weekend

Can I request a refund?

Refunds are available up until registration closes.

Is there a briefing before we go?

Yes, a compulsory briefing is held on the Friday evening immediately prior to the ride weekend. You will collect your rider pack and jersey at the briefing.


Where do I go to collect my rider pack?

From your Group Leader, at the compulsory rider briefing held on the Friday night immediately prior to the ride weekend

What if I am unable to collect my pack, can someone else pick up my rider pack?

Rider packs are available for pick up at the compulsory rider briefing. Only in extenuating circumstances will this be considered. Please contact a committee member if you think there may be a problem for you.

How can I make sure I get the right size ride jersey?

Check your size on the jersey sizing chart (Sizing Charts below), preferably before you register. A set of jerseys will also be available for you to try on at Top Brand Cycles on Charters Towers Road if you want to be absolutely sure of the fit.


What do I need to bring?

Check out the list we have put together for you on the rider info page

What do I do with my overnight bag?

Bring it on the Friday night and put it on the truck which will be outside the venue of the briefing.

Where do we stay?

Swag in Cyclone Shelter, your own tent or motel in Ayr

What happens on Saturday night?

Generally we have a live band after dinner and the cheapest bar in town set up for your enjoyment.

Can I have guests stay with me?

You are welcome to have family and friends camp over on the Saturday night and join us for dinner and breakfast. The cost for this is $40.00 per person ($20.00 for children 13 years and under).

If you intend to have guests, please notify the catering coordinator as soon as possible and not later than 7 days before the event.

We are unable to cater for guests at our lunch stops on Saturday and Sunday.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

Vegetarian option will be available on special order only. Any other dietary requirements will need to be self catered.


I haven’t ridden in a group before, how do I prepare for a ride like this?

We have training rides set up and we encourage you to come along to experience and become comfortable with group riding. And don’t forget to check out our training tips.

What time does the ride start?

The first group leaves at 7am.

When should I get to the start site?

All riders must be at the start venue by 6am.

How far is the ride and how long does it take?

The ride is conducted over the weekend and the round trip is approximately 260km. The slowest group generally needs about 7 hours of riding time, with stops and lunch break, it all adds up to about 8 hours on the road each day for this group.

What happens if I get a flat tyre or my bike breaks?

If you are unlucky enough to get a puncture, you and your bike will be loaded into the rear car and taken to the next rest stop where the tyre can be repaired. This is done to avoid having cyclists standing about on the road edge in danger. You are advised to carry at least two spare tubes, a pump or CO2 cylinders and a tyre with you. A limited supply of spares will be available at cost.

There will also be a bike mechanic travelling with the group, who will be able to attend to breakdowns. Please note the bike mechanic will be staying overnight in Ayr.

What is the ride etiquette?

The main thing is to have fun, be social and listen to your group leader.

Groups ride mostly 2 abreast when it is safe to do so, changing to single file when it is considered safer, eg. when crossing bridges and when on the highway. Your group leader is in constant contact with the front and rear support cars and will make this decision and instruct the group when it is appropriate and safe to change from one formation to the other.

It is compulsory for riders to ride between the front and rear support vehicles. Any violation of this will terminate participation in the ride.

Generally, riders rotate within their group so that no-one is stuck out the front for too long. We conduct training rides, which commence shortly after registration closes and encourage everyone to come along, particularly those who have not participated in our ride before.

And remember, this is a fun, social ride, not a training ride or a race!

Is there a minimum age requirement for the event?

12 years of age riding with an adult or guardian.

What happens if it’s raining?

We still ride in the rain but we take it very cautiously. Please ensure you follow the directions of your Group Leader.

What happens if I breakdown or if I can’t complete the ride?

We have first aid available in each group. If you are injured, we will ensure that appropriate treatment is made available and/or ambulance called.

Are tandem bikes allowed in the event?


Can my child ride along in a trailer attached to my bike?


Do I need to take out ride insurance?

Yes. The ride is covered for public liability only as part of the ride but there is no cover for rider injury or damage to bicycles.

It is strongly recommended that all riders look to make their own arrangements for such insurance. One convenient way of doing this is take out membership with Bicycle Queensland or your state’s cycling organisation.

How difficult is the ride? Do I have to be a good cyclist?

You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness and cycling experience in time for the ride. Take a look at our training and preparation page and judge for yourself.

What if I can’t make it to the start on time?

You are required to start with your ride group.

Will there be rest stops along the way?

There are delegated rest stops every 20kms – 30kms as well as a lunch stop of approximately one hour.

Can I bring personal refreshments?

Feel free to bring your own refreshments which you can take in your day pack, which will be available in your group support car.

Are there toilets available during the ride?

There are toilet facilities at some of the stops, otherwise, it’s off into the bush.

Will medical help be available?

First aid kits are supplied in each group’s support vehicle and we try to ensure there is a designated first aid person in each group. In case of injury, an ambulance will be called.

Will there be mechanical assistance available?

We will be providing mechanical repair services at home base and along the course. You will have to pay for any parts used in the repair, onto the support vehicle and you and your bike will be transported to the next stop, where hopefully your bike can be fixed. Our Bike Mechanic will now be staying overnight in Ayr.

Where can I park while I’m on the ride?

There are overnight parking facilities at the start venue.


Where does the money that we fundraise go?

Funds raised on Everyday Hero pages support mental health research. Cash and donations given at the briefing support local initiatives.

What if I can’t raise the minimum fundraising of $200?

The minimum fundraising target of $200 is compulsory in order to participate.

I don’t know how to start fundraising. Where can I get more information?

Check out our fundraising tips

What happens if someone donates to me in cash or cheque?

Cash donations can be banked into our bank account (see instructions for this) or you can bring the cash along on the briefing night and hand it in to our treasurer.

If I sponsor someone, can I get a receipt so that the donation is tax deductible?

Tax deductions are only available through deposits to ‘MyCause’

How can I find out more?

If you have got any further questions, feel free to contact one of our committee members.

Fast Facts

Ride Date:
Saturday May 28th & Sunday 29th 2022
Registration Fee:
Fundraising Target (minimum):
Distance and Trip Duration:
260km over 2 days
Physical Capability:
A level of fitness to be able to cycle up to 8 hours at a minimum speed of 20kph for 2 days
Camping (equipment by rider)
Swag in Cyclone Shelter
Motels are available in Ayr
What is Provided?
Meals, snacks and drinks
Ride jersey
Bike Mechanic
Support Vehicles
Camping Fees
Live music in camp
Cash bar
A fun weekend
Event Briefing (compulsory):


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